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Stunning Natural AAA Lapis 4mm Round Bead Strand

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STUNNING!! Rare LAPIS 4mm Round Bead Strand!

This is for a 16 inch strand of 104 SHIMMERING COBALT BLUE LAPIS LAZULI 4mm beads! These incredibly intense beads are perfect for earrings or necklaces. These beads are a very rich, deep COBALT BLUE kissed with pyrite and delicate clouds of snowy calcite!! They are perfect for adding a dramatic color to any of the pieces you are working on!

NOTE: Your strand of beads will be selected from those imaged.

NOTE: Images do not reflect number and size. Please see detail and table for information.

Quantity: 104 Beads
Material Type: Lapis Lazuli
Size: 4mm
Color: Blue
Legend: Lapis addresses the highest good in ourselves and the situations that we encounter.
Origin: Afganistan
SKU: 104545