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1 Minty Green Natural Jade 23x4mm Pi Circle Donut 10202 - PremiumBead Primary Image 1

1 Minty Green Natural Jade 23x4mm Pi Circle Donut 10202

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Natural Beautiful JADE Hand CARVED!

This is for one GORGEOUS Natural JADE Hand Carved Pi Circle!! Do not confuse these wonderful beads with ones out of nephrite jade this is the real thing beautiful, jadeite!! This natural jadeite is lovely minty green to white!! This hand carved Pi of lovely Natural JADEITE is an unique addition to any bead or jade collection. Some stone energy people also say Jade is very healing physically and especially for the kidneys!! It has also been said to bring one's true love into their circle!!

This is an natural hand carved jadeite Pi Circle!

NOTE: Images do not reflect number and size. Please see detail and table for information.

NOTE: Your Circle will be selected from those imaged.

Quantity: 1 Pendant Pi Circle
Material Type: Jade
Size: 23x4mm
Color: Minty Green to White
Legend: Jade brings ones true love into ones life.
Origin: China