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Breathtaking 8 to 9mm Harvest Moon Pearl Strand 102376 - PremiumBead Primary Image 1

Breathtaking 8 to 9mm Harvest Moon Pearl Strand 102376

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HUGE 'HARVEST MOON' Freshwater Pearls!

This is for 1 temporarily strung 16" strand of incredible highly unusual HARVEST MOON Freshwater Pearls that sing the praises of romantic moonlight! These luminescent pearls melodically call to be used in striking jewelry to compliment any skin tone. The pearls have a rich iridescent luminous silver/gold undertone. If you have ever admired the Harvest moon as it slowly rises on a crisp autumn evening you will understand the magic of these lovely luminescent pearls!!! Now imagine this lovely moon covered with nacre that glows through out in sensuous platinum, scintillating pinks, rainbowy magentas and delicate metallic blues. What a lavish accent to any piece!

Pearls are near round and measure approx. 9x8.5 to 9x8mm!!


Quantity: 49 Pearls
Material Type: Fresh Water Pearls
Size: 9x8.5 to 9x8mm
Color: Platinum
Legend: Pearls bring healing energy into our lives.
Origin: China