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Glam Natural Sapphire and 22K Vermeil Earrings 306618E - PremiumBead Primary Image 1

Glam Natural Sapphire and 22K Vermeil Earrings 306618E

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RARE! Natural FANCY SAPPHIRE Faceted 22K Vermeil EARRINGS !

This is for one pair of Natural FANCY SAPPHIRE 22K Vermeil EARRINGS! These sapphires are a wonderful purply pink and some even have eyes or stars! While these FANCY SAPPHIRES are not transparent many glow with an inner light and radiate a wonderful pulsating energy. These are amazing Corundum which is the technical name for Sapphires and Rubies!

These are natural sapphire and 22K Vermeil earrings!

NOTE: Images do not reflect number and size. Please see detail and table for information.

NOTE: You will receive the earrings imaged

Quantity: 1 pair of earrings
Material Type: Fancy Sapphire 22K Vermeil
Size: 4mm (Sapphire)
Color: Purple-Red Golden
Legend: These Sapphires will enhance and stimulate creativity.
Origin: USA